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Daniel Nashed

Running Domino on Proxmox in LXC container with Docker

Daniel Nashed – 16 March 2024 09:42:41

I am experimenting with different type of Proxmox configurations for Domino.
Proxmox supports LXC containers which combines shared kernel from the host in combination with a light Linux container hosting a Linux server.

This combination offers direct access to ZFS sub-volumes for your the LXC container.
One of the benefits is lower overhead for kernel scheduling. Your Linux container runs on the kernel of your host using native Linux kernel level virtualization.
Another benefit is that there is no disk virtualization in between.

For a full VM with it's own kernel a zvol is created, in which a separate file-system is used to format the zvol device presented to your VM.

In my case I took another step. I am using Alpine Linux in a LXC container to run a Docker host, which then runs a Redhat UBI based container, which hosts the Domino server.

Alpine might not be the choice for a production environment. I would rather use Redhat/CentOS 9.x clones or Ubuntu to run Domino native or in a Docker container.
But it nicely shows the different layers. Alpine Linux is not even running on glibc. But Docker is available on Alpine Linux.


This setup shows nicely three different virtualization technologies playing hand in hand.
  • Proxmox as a host level hypervisor
  • LXC as a lightweight virtualization option for Linux servers
  • Docker as an application virtualization using containers

The whole stack is based on Linux native virtualization technologies with very low overhead and a lot of tuning options.

-- Daniel

Image:Running Domino on Proxmox in LXC container with Docker


1John Detterline  18.03.2024 14:54:17  Running Domino on Proxmox in LXC container with Docker

You might want to look at Suse Harvester as a bare metal hypervisor. It's built on Kubernetes and KVM so you can run VMs and containers. Longhorn gives you NAS options as well. I'm going down that road to help me understand OpenShift for a project where we're migrating away from Domino.

2Daniel Nashed  19.03.2024 6:44:19  Running Domino on Proxmox in LXC container with Docker

Hi John,

OpenShift and SUSE Harvester are two different animals. But that they have in common is that they are both huge solutions, which need a lot of hardware resources to start with.

If you are going to use OpenShift for the project, you should directly start with it or if you just want to learn K8s you should try a lighter K8s implementation like K3s.

My post wasn't about the container part. I am just using a container to bring up a server quickly in a single LXC container where I map resources directly on hypervisor level.

That was the whole purpose of the exercise - optimization of resources.



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