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Daniel Nashed

Running Domino on IPv6

Daniel Nashed – 6 June 2021 16:26:28

In all my years working with Domino, IPv6 was never on the list of things customers asked me for. I know about very few customers using it for Domino.

Domino doesn't use IPv6 by default -- which is good because it could have some side effects in corporate environments and you want to actively decide to use it.

We had side effects with Traveler and Java which uses IPv6 automatically once enabled on the machine and we had to actively disable it on the Java side.

Enabling it is quite straightforward. There is one switch to enable it:

notes.ini TCP_EnableIPv6=1

Once you set the parameter you have to restart your Domino server! A restart of the port isn't sufficient.

There is one other change depending on your configuration.

In some cases you have to specify IPv6 addresses in the configuration. And because IPv6 contains ":" chars, you have to put IPv6 addresses in brackets like the following:


This format is also needed for internet sites.

Image:Running Domino on IPv6

For example for an inbound SMTP internet site where you have specified an IPv4 address, you have to add the IPv6 address.

Beside that the server behaves pretty much the same. In all places -- even C-API SMTP call-backs, logging, CGI variables etc, we just get the IPv6 address.

So it is quite straightforward -- specially on Linux, where you can use the same port.

Still looking into it -- specially for the edge cases, logging and API integration.

On Docker you need to enable IPv6 explicitly in


  "ipv6": true,
  "fixed-cidr-v6": "2001:db8:1::/64"

But once enabled it works like a charm on Docker as well.

What are your experiences with IPv6 on Domino?
Is anyone using it? I would be interested to hear ..


Domino IPV6 documentation

Docker IPv6 documentation

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1Mike Ipkendanz  07.06.2021 14:25:16  Running Domino on IPv6

We have been using it for two years. Just one problem. Maintaining permitted SMTP users on an IP basis is no longer possible. We had over 500 IPv4 addresses there. Unfortunately, IPv6 addresses are longer and the field has become too long. So we have now switched to SMTP user permissions.

2Daniel Nashed  07.06.2021 15:30:18  Running Domino on IPv6


you are the only customer I know about using IPv6 in production.

If I would have known you are running into this limitation..

I have customers using my SpamGeek application for controlling and logging intranet SMTP servers.

With SpamGeek you can configure hosts by IPs, hostnames, subnets, wildcard names etc in a Notes database.

And the logging is very flexible as well.

I have just tested the basic functionality of SpamGeek with IPv6.

The integrated RBL lists will need some work. But the standard operations all work.

-- Daniel



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