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Daniel Nashed



    Daniel Nashed  14 October 2009 11:33:40

    Not that I think this is a remarkable new feature... I personally would have expected this option in 8.0 Gold.
    Just in case you did not see this ... in the Notes 8.5.1 Standard you can now switch back to red unread look&feel with a new preference setting.

    You can also set the default via 8.5.1 policies.

    Thanks that we got it back. Specially for existing users the check-marks selection and red unread messages are helpful when migrating.

    -- Daniel


    1Jesper Kiaer  14.10.2009 13:55:09  red-unreadmarks-are-back

    Thanks ...heard that is was back!

    Bold fonts is just no good in the inbox, it is just not subtle enough, I think

    2Matthias  14.10.2009 14:31:48  red-unreadmarks-are-back

    Hi Daniel,

    yes they are back. Do you know if the policy works also for a notes 8.5 fp1 client? Because there you do not have the entry in the preferences menu.

    3Daniel Nashed  23.10.2009 17:21:25  red-unreadmarks-are-back

    I am not sure if this works with 8.5 FP1. I have updated all my prodoction and test clients to 8.5.1 and cannot currently test. Did anyone else try it?

    -- Daniel



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