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Daniel Nashed


Recovering a lost Domino server notes.ini quickly

Daniel Nashed  21 May 2022 10:58:43

On Linux by default the notes.ini is in the data directory.
On Windows it is per default in the binary directory. You could move it to the data directory, which would make sense from backup point of view in many cases anyway.

But what if you have it in the program directory and install a new major version where you get rid of all your binaries as a best practice?

I always forget to save the notes.ini.. Before running a restore -- often you might not have a backup from a test server anyway -- there are faster ways to recover.

Domino captures the last server doc and config doc in DXL files. But it also creates sysinfo NSDs in IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory.
Those sysinfo NSD are created when the configuration changes and are also very helpful to check which changes occurred meanwhile when you run into a crash situation.

Here is the trick:

Extract the notes.ini information from the corresponding section in sysinfo NSD and create a new notes.ini file -- like I did just before writing this blog post ;-)
I hope this helps others as well..

-- Daniel


1Michal  23.05.2022 11:44:36  Recovering a lost Domino server notes.ini quickly

Good tip Dan. I have seen this section in sysinfo file before but never realized I can use it to recreate notes.ini

2Don  24.05.2022 16:32:03  Recovering a lost Domino server notes.ini quickly

Same here, never thought about. However forgot to make a backup of notes.ini several times... ;-)



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