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Daniel Nashed


Podman vs Docker on CentOS 8

Daniel Nashed  2 November 2020 10:17:21

As posted earlier it isn't that easy to get the current Docker 19 version installed on CentOS 8, because RedHat is shipping an older with CentOS 8 than on CentOS7.

Podman ( becomes more and more interesting and also since a couple of releases supports integration with K8s / OpenShift.
It's no secret that RedHat is in favor of Podman. They don't ship the latest version. And Podman recommends using the one shipped with CentOS 8 -- currently 1.6.4.

There are newer versions available. And I think the way podman allows you to use K8s files instead of what docker-compose is doing, will be a great bridge between podman and K8s / OpenShift environments.

Using the podman play command you can use the K8s pod definitions.Thats better than using docker-compose.yml with Docker Compose.

And there is also a new podman play kube command since podman v2.0 which looks promising ->

I just installed the most recent podman version 2.1.1 on a CentOS 8.2 machine and will do some testing.

But it really sounds like Docker will have challenges keeping up with Podman is doing.

And I would also say that Podman is already ahead! I will spend more time looking into Podman.

The Domino Docker Open Source community project already supports Podman for a while as a build and run-time environment along with K8s and OpenShift support


HCL doesn't officially support Podman today -- but it works. If you are runnng the Domino V12 Early Access Code Drop and you are running with CentOS 8.x, my preference would be Podman!

Podman uses the same syntax that Docker uses. I am always using the Podman commands natively. But there is also a compatiblity mode, where Podman supports the Docker commands almost 1:1.

-- Daniel

sudo yum install podman

Last metadata expiration check: 1:12:51 ago on Mon 02 Nov 2020 09:32:11 AM CET.

Dependencies resolved.


Package                                        Architecture   Version                                                  Repository         Size



podman                                         x86_64         1.6.4-10.module_el8.2.0+305+5e198a41                     AppStream          12 M

Installing dependencies:

conmon                                         x86_64         2:2.0.6-1.module_el8.2.0+305+5e198a41                    AppStream          37 k

containernetworking-plugins                    x86_64         0.8.3-5.module_el8.2.0+305+5e198a41                      AppStream          20 M

containers-common                              x86_64         1:0.1.40-11.module_el8.2.0+377+92552693                  AppStream          50 k

dnf-plugin-subscription-manager                x86_64         1.26.20-1.el8_2                                          BaseOS            278 k

fuse-overlayfs                                 x86_64         0.7.2-5.module_el8.2.0+305+5e198a41                      AppStream          60 k

fuse3-libs                                     x86_64         3.2.1-12.el8                                             BaseOS             94 k

libvarlink                                     x86_64         18-3.el8                                                 BaseOS             44 k

python3-ethtool                                x86_64         0.14-3.el8                                               BaseOS             45 k

python3-iniparse                               noarch         0.4-31.el8                                               BaseOS             49 k

python3-inotify                                noarch         0.9.6-13.el8                                             BaseOS             57 k

python3-subscription-manager-rhsm              x86_64         1.26.20-1.el8_2                                          BaseOS            348 k

slirp4netns                                    x86_64         0.4.2-3.git21fdece.module_el8.2.0+305+5e198a41           AppStream          88 k

subscription-manager-rhsm-certificates         x86_64         1.26.20-1.el8_2                                          BaseOS            247 k

usermode                                       x86_64         1.113-1.el8                                              BaseOS            202 k

Installing weak dependencies:

subscription-manager                           x86_64         1.26.20-1.el8_2                                          BaseOS            1.1 M

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Install  16 Packages

Total download size: 35 M

Installed size: 132 M

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