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Daniel Nashed

Photon OS with international locales - another platform -- another way

Daniel Nashed – 30 April 2021 20:02:47

You think Linux is standard?

Look at how different platforms handle the locale in glibc and you get an idea ....

I blogged about RedHat/CentOS and the way to have to add for example "glibc-langpack-de" for German.

Redhat UBI for example even didn't have the international locales.

On SUSE platforms you have to install glibc-locale.

VMware Photon OS does have a completely different way to install locales.

Here is what I use on Docker to automatically install the German locale for example:

yum install -y glibc-i18n

echo "de_DE.UTF-8 UTF-8" > /etc/locale-gen.conf

yum remove -y glibc-i18n

The locale is important to have the right date and time representation.

-- Daniel

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