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Notes/Domino/Traveler EA1 available

Daniel Nashed  31 May 2023 15:10:27
Image:Notes/Domino/Traveler EA1 availableImage:Notes/Domino/Traveler EA1 available

Notes/Domino/Traveler EA1 has been released today.

If you want to know what you will get in EA1, there is a web cast tomorrow

Webinar: Grab a Sneak Peek of Our Upcoming HCL Domino v14 Release -- June 1, 2024, 10 AM EDT

There is webinar showing the highlights of the first code drop.

Link to register -->

New software download experience for 14.0.0 EA1 software first

Before you start download from Flexnet, HCL is starting an official preview for the new download experience.

Right now only with the new software which is part of the early access program.

I have used it already to download software to my lab, to my build environments and the DNUG Labg.

Domino V14 Early Access forum

For questions, feedback and additional information, you should really joint the EAP forum  

HCL Domino Container Community Image

The build script has been already updated and the container images are tested.

You can build a Domino container including a Nomad container if you like. Or just the Domino container image:

./ domino 14.0.0EA1 -nomad=1.0.8-12.0.2

And on top you can add Traveler 14.0.0 EA1

./ traveler 14.0.0EA1 -from=hclcom/domino:14.0.0EA1

You can expect separate blog posts over time about the new functionality.
I have tested out most of it already in the DNUG Lab and I am in preparation for the conference and workshop.

Of course the lab and the presentation will focus on Domino V14.0.0 EA1.

-- Daniel

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