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Daniel Nashed

Notes&Domino 12.0.1 is available on Flexnet

Daniel Nashed – 14 December 2021 10:33:51

This also includes the major languages. I have not seen Traveler yet.

My first Notes client is updated from Beta2 to 12.0.1 GA.

And I have just replaced Beta 2 with the gold release in our Domino Docker Community image.
I added it the the develop branch first and after final testing I will update the master branch as well.

12.0.1 is the new default. So you just need a ./ domino for the latest version.

For anyone who has not seen the new UI ..

-- Daniel

Image:Notes&Domino 12.0.1 is available on Flexnet

1Kaare  15.12.2021 13:02:44  Notes&Domino 12.0.1 is available on Flexnet

Looks nice .. :)

.. now we just wait for Danish-languagepack :(

I thought that it would be rather smooth to release all language-packs to each release when once they were build for v11 .. why isn't all languages released to v11.0.1 released to v12.0.1 GA at the same time?



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