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Daniel Nashed


Notes/Domino 10.0.1 is available for Download

Daniel Nashed  18 December 2018 16:51:06
As promised we are getting Notes/Domino/Traveler before Xmas!

Download was really quick. The release notes don't show in detail was has been added/fixed and I did not see release notes yet.

From what I understood this will be English only until January 2019.
But they shipped the Mac client and added the MarvaelClient Essentials.

There is also a new Traveler 10.0.1 Version but I do only see two fixes in the 10.0.1.
I would wait for the next Traveler update. I got a hotfix yesterday for testing with some additional fixes.

The Technote has all the product codes for download from Passport Advantage. I added the SHA1 checksums.

Here is also an entry point for updated documentation:

Updated Documentation for 10.0.1

Download Information

IBM Domino Server v10.0.1 64 bit for Linux English (CNXL9EN)  / F380BACEE82B68DD0A9D783626E9CA50BCC619B8
IBM Domino Server v10.0.1 64 bit for Windows English (CNXL7EN) / 9738E1B0862081BA8567E34B8513F867EDAA343B

IBM Domino Server v10.0.1 64 bit for AIX English (CNXL8EN) / E81035131135374B7C35F34AFD59E862082DBA18

IBM Notes, Domino Designer and Admin V10.0.1 for Windows English (CNXL1EN) / 5E22B00B2F8DD30B230897C6701FF6DFCC060AE7

IBM Notes v10.0.1 Mac 64 bit English (CNXK7EN) / 24E3E643875BA5B4AE01A47776870AD06C74AE05

IBM Notes and Domino v10.0.1 Release Notes English (CNXK4EN) / ADF283889B48F7A812B9113E73F66D523B4E0C4F

First Technotes

How to download IBM Notes 10.0.1 from Passport Advantage

MarvelClient Essentials IBM Notes management solution

1Henning Heinz  19.12.2018 11:57:58  Notes/Domino 10.0.1 is available for Download

Still no translated clients, disappointing. I would bet that there are more customers outside of the United States and UK nowadays.

2Daniel Nashed  19.12.2018 14:18:03  Notes/Domino 10.0.1 is available for Download

@Henning, they could not take the localization team with them.

It was a global team in IBM who did the localized versions.

They told us that they are transitioning the know how to the team in HCL and are working hard on it right now.

At IBM it took 30 days. And it will take longer right now because of this background.

It would have been great if we would at least get the international dictionaries with the English client.

You can already start to test 10.0.1 in English.. But yes I agree many customers are waiting for the localized versions.

-- Daniel

3Tamtomo Abdi Negoro  25.10.2019 5:48:27  Notes/Domino 10.0.1 is available for Download

IBM Buried all their versions of IBM Domino and notes.. Authorized users can't even download their registered version anymore. We're really screwed this time



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