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Daniel Nashed


Notes&Domino 10 removed the NSD Service

Daniel Nashed  11 October 2018 16:31:19
For some technical reasons which should be explained in a planned technote shortly the NSD service has been removed from the Notes 10 client and Domino 10 Server.
So this is a planned change and not an install error.  Some of the warning messages on the server side are still mentioning the NSD service but it has been removed on purpose.

Running NSD as a service has been introduced to allow NSD to collect information which only the system account or an administrator could normally collect.

Also depending on the processes are started, administration rights are needed to attach to the Domino server processes and to later on kill the processes if needed.

On the server side this isn't really a relevant change for you because you usually run your Domino service (nservice.exe) with the system account.

In this case fault recovery starts nsd.exe with system account rights which provides full access to processes.

Running Manual NSD on Server

If you need to collect a manual NSD you have to open the cmd prompt with Administration rights. Or you need to start NSD from the running server (which is not always possible in hang situations).

So on the server side when running the server with system account there isn't a big change.

NSD Client

On the client side having NSD service was more important -- specially on newer Windows versions and on Citrix installations.

I have done some tests on my local client and beside the error messages attaching to other processes NSD was still able to get call-stack data from the Notes processes and also memcheck data.

We have to see how it behaves on environments like Citrix.

Here are the WARNING messages on client and server.
On the client the statements are correct. On the server they are a bit misleading.

I hope this explains what is going on. There will be a technote describing some more background hopefully soon.

Update 12.10.2018:

A new technote has released with an official status. IBM is recommending to deinstall to NSD service in 9.0.1 as well.

The technote also includes a link to another TN with information about deinstallation.

-- Daniel

-- Client NSD --

ERROR (0): AdjustTokenPrivileges failed - (1300) Not all privileges or groups referenced are assigned to the caller.

WARNING (0): NSD is unable to obtain privileges for some debugging operations.  

If you are running as a limited or restricted user then NSD will be unable to obtain some of the information it is attempting to collect.  

NSD will also produce error messages when privileged operations fail.  

However, useful data such as Notes/Domino callstacks will still be collected.

-- Server NSD --

WARNING (0): The NSD service is required on this operating system and must be installed and started

          to enable NSD processing. Because of this requirement, the current NSD log

          may contain errors, warnings and missing data. See nsd -help for more

          information about installing NSD service using -svcinst and -svcstart options.

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