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Daniel Nashed


Notes UIDoc reopen without saving the underlying document

Daniel Nashed  23 February 2023 21:48:20

I am working on a form that has embedded passthru HTML to display in-line base64 encoded image data from a text field (don't ask why ..).
The image did not always display immediately. So I tried all kind of refresh and reload options without any luck.

Until I found an example in the Notes help which does exactly what I need.
I tried to tweak and simplify it without any good result.
It only works with this exact sequence of events for me.

Now let the crow wisdom find an easier, but still reliable way.

I am pretty happy with this already.
  • The SaveOptions = "0" force the UIDoc not to ask to be saved
  • Then we are closing the UI doc.
  • Creating a new instance of it
  • Delete the previous UI doc
  • Finally remove the SaveOptions item from the uidoc.document ...

Every attempt to simplify it, failed. But this is great to have and works like a charm.

-- Daniel

        doc.SaveOptions = "0"
        Call uidoc.Close (True)
        Set uidoc_new = workspace.EditDocument (True, doc, , , , True)
        Delete uidoc
        Call uidoc_new.Document.RemoveItem ("SaveOptions")


1Bob Voith  24.02.2023 12:06:05  Notes UIDoc reopen without saving the underlying document


2Andre Guirard  10.03.2023 1:35:18  Notes UIDoc reopen without saving the underlying document

I like to also restore the position in the document if I can, like this:

Function RedisplayDoc(uidoc As NotesUIDocument, doc As NotesDocument) As NotesUIDocument

On Error Goto errortrap

Dim strFieldname As String

Dim wksp As New NotesUIWorkspace

strFieldname = uidoc.CurrentField ' remember current field if any

doc.SaveOptions = "0" ' make it possible to close the document

' without a "do you want to save" prompt.

Call uidoc.Close(True)

Set RedisplayDoc = wksp.EditDocument(True, doc, , , , True)

Delete uidoc


If strFieldname <> "" Then RedisplayDoc.GotoField(strFieldname)

' return focus to field that was current before.

Exit Function


Error Err, Error & " //RedisplayDoc:" & Erl

End Function

3Daniel Nashed  12.03.2023 23:00:02  Notes UIDoc reopen without saving the underlying document

Hi Andre!

Thanks, for this great addition.

The command in general is already quite helpful and I was surprised about this sulution.

But it really helpful. I have used it in two databases already.

-- Daniel



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