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Daniel Nashed

Notes Domino V12.0.1 Beta 2 available on Flexnet

Daniel Nashed – 5 October 2021 09:28:39

Get your downloads started and have a look into my Flexnet tip to download software via curl ..
It also works on Windows if you use double quotes.

I have updated the Docker community repository holding the Beta 2 software for Domino and Traveler.
My lab servers are already updated and my test client runs the 64bit October drop...

There is interesting new stuff that has been added!

My favorite new features:
  • DKIM outbound
  • CertMgr export/import TLS Credentials
  • A new Micro CA with integration for One-Touch Domino setup.

Here is a screen shot of the new export functionality in action from today..

See you in the beta forum!

-- Daniel

Image:Notes Domino V12.0.1 Beta 2 available on Flexnet

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