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Daniel Nashed

Notes, Domino, Traveler V12 Beta1 released

Daniel Nashed – 22 January 2021 23:17:54

Notes, Domino and Traveler V12 Beta 1 is available

Here is the official blog post..


The software is available on Flexnet like we had the early access code drops. But now we got the clients and server installers in addition to the HCL Domino Docker image.


In contrast to earlier years, the documentation isn't in a PDF.
The documentation has been added to the standard documentation and you see the new features in "what's new sections" as part of the standard documentation.
I spoke with customers and partners who have been confused about finding the trial image documented next to the new functionality for example.

One of my favorite features: Automated Certificate Management

Certificate Management has been already part of the early access code drops.
With Beta1 Let's Encrypt / ACME DNS-01 challenges have been added.

So you can request certificates from and for servers, which have no incoming HTTP connection.
Instead a DNS-TXT record is used for validation (see details here -->

You can get free certificates from Let's Encrypt and other providers supporting the ACME standard (e.g. ZeroSSL:,  BuyPass:

Currently there are two reference implementations vor DNS Automation for Cloudflare, Inc. and Hetzner GmbH here in Germany.
Beta 1 already includes a framework for implementing your own integration for your favorite provider.

If you are interested Certificate Management, you should really look into the features in this first beta and provide feedback.

And of course also test the other new functionality Thomas has mentioned.

Domino Docker Project Update

I have been already testing Domino V12 Beta1 with our Docker project and updated the images for Domino and Traveler.

The new version names are already included in the develop branch -->

So you could also use the community image already, when you download the Domino Linux web-kit to get your image build locally.

Enjoy the beta and hopefully we see us in the Beta forum.

-- Daniel
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