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Daniel Nashed


Notes 12.0.1 Beta 1 Client

Daniel Nashed  24 August 2021 11:35:22

There is a blog post with all the details of what is in Beta 1 -->
But there are 3 major things I really like to outline in 12.0.1 Beta1 from my side ...
  • "Domi" the new integration for Sametime Meetings, Zoom, Webex, Teams is part of the new mail template.
    It was available before with a template customizer and is now fully integrated.
  • The new look & fell in the workspace with high resolution images really looks a lot better.
    Some applications already got a new icon for beta 1.
    And the mail template got some other look & feel improvements like in the memo form
  • And the most awesome part is the advanced properties/resizable box coming from Panagenda.
    Thanks to Julian Robichaux for this master piece of properties box!

    You can not only display and copy, search, select data from documents and profile documents

    There is also a very flexible compare for two documents!
    Some might still know the old "difference of two documentes" add-in menu we lost many releases ago.
    Now we finally got something new and it's extremely well done implemented by a developer using it very day for his own work.
    You can tell when using it for a couple of minutes ;-)
-- Daniel

Image:Notes 12.0.1 Beta 1 Client

Image:Notes 12.0.1 Beta 1 Client

Image:Notes 12.0.1 Beta 1 Client


1Kaare  25.11.2021 10:23:33  Notes 12.0.1 Beta 1 Client


Do you know if there is a release date for HCL Domino/Notes12.0.1? The Beta 2 came 4 weeks after Beta 1 and it has been available for about 6 weeks now.

.. and will the v12.0.1 include Grp3 languages?



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