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Daniel Nashed

Notes 10 - Stay away from older XTAF Dictionary Pack for spell check

Daniel Nashed – 16 October 2018 21:05:12

If you try to install the separate available dictionaries which are only available in a 9.0 version ("IBM Notes XTAF Dictionaries V9.0 for Windows Multilingual (CIF0EML)"), your Notes 10 client will hand in the splash screen!
This appears not to be a new issue, but it did not impact most of use because we mostly installed the international versions including the MUI.

We either installed the local language version or a MUI pack which always contained the right dictionaries.

Until the G1 Language versions ship we would need the so called XTAF dictionaries which are available as a separate download.

But there are no dictionaries that work with Notes 10 yet. In fact there are no XTAF dictionaries available working with he current 9.0.1 FPs either - known issue.

I asked in the Beta forum and I opened a support ticket. But the best answer I got was from Christian Henseler finally.
He explained all the details and backgrounds and possible work-around until we get matching XTAF dictionaries for Notes 10.

In short: We should wait until we get the right version which will work with Notes 10!

In long beside the information above Christian also explained to me that there would be a way to extract the XTAF dictionaries that comes with the 9.0.1 MUI pack and add them to the install package of Notes 10.

Or with some extra work build an add-on install package like the dictionary package from IBM.
From Christians research the XTAF dictionaries in 9.0.1 and 10.0 have the same version, so it sounds like a safe way.

But from his analysis there seems to be a difference for the .dic files still used by the basic client. They have double the size for example for canadian.dic.
So I really think it makes sense to wait until they MUI packs and the separate dictionaries ship before end of the year.

This post is intended to provide background and also give you a heads up to stay away from the old 9.0 dictionaries!

Thanks again Christian for your as always detailed analysis!

And I hope we can safe you some trouble if you are looking into this.
I know at least 3 friends who tried to install it today...



1Alexander Jüch  17.10.2018 11:38:11  Notes 10 - Stay away from older XTAF Dictionary Pack for spell check

I try to install the partnumber you mentioned. I have no trouble or crash.I didn't know the whole backround to wait but it is hard to write german mails without.

2Dani  23.01.2019 13:49:44  Notes 10 - Stay away from older XTAF Dictionary Pack for spell check

With MacOS and Notes 10.0.1 it wasn't possible for me to install the XTAF package. (Error: No acceptable features were found...)

I followed this advice:

and it works fine for me.



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