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Daniel Nashed


No current plans for Traveler on WM7

Daniel Nashed  15 March 2011 18:51:11

We noticed at Lotusphere that none of the slides about mobility mentioned Windows Mobile nor the new WM7 at all.
I asked around in the Lab and got the confirmation that there are no short term plans to support WM7 with Traveler.
The most likely support -- if it happens in the near future -- is that IBM supports ActiveSync with WM7 because building a new client on WM7 might need additional APIs which might not be public available yet. Also WM7 comes with more nicer integrated mail and calendar application. Using ActiveSync could help to benefit from that. But according to the Traveler team what is currently implemented for ActiveSync is exactly what is needed for supporting Apple devices. There is some work that needs to be done for WM7 to support more of the ActiveSync protocol.

Again it is not high on the list and there is an official statement that even with the Nokia announcement IBM is still watching the market closely to see for bigger momentum in the market for WM7.

IMHO supporting WM7 via ActiveSync short term would make a lot of sense. Even there might not be many devices yet some companies might like to have the option to use WM7 -- even if they finally decide not to use WM7 for other reasons...
I have some customers asking for WM7 support and if you want it to be supported you should open a PMR to ask for WM7 Traveler support.

-- Daniel

1Mick Moignard  16.03.2011 9:53:16  No current plans for Traveler on WM7

I asked Kevin Cavanaugh at 'Sphere why he did not include WM7 in the list of platforms he told me he wanted to support. His response "We've not seen one yet" - I think he was telling me that, in the US at least, they don't see any significant market penetration.

That may, or of course, may not, change with Microsoft and Nokia getting together.

2Mathieu Lacrabère  16.03.2011 14:10:43  No current plans for Traveler on WM7

Thanks Daniel.

I opened a PMR as suggested and sent an mail to Susan B. (SWAT Team) to get internal support.



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