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Daniel Nashed


NIFNSF Supported Maximum Size above 64 GB! -> 1 TB is officially supported!

Daniel Nashed  21 April 2017 17:02:31
After getting that question offline and having a discussion on my blog, I checked with IBM if they plan support NIFNSF sizes above 64 GB.
Since it is kind of a database container and needs a database handle someone could think that the maximum limit is also 64 GB.

That would give us at least 64 GB room for the NIF index -- which would be already a big improvement.

But from what I recall from some comments at Connect some years ago the maximum limit was not around 64 GB when they designed it.

On the other side it is difficult to test and such large view / folder index sizes. And you will not run into many situations where you need such a large size.

From what I heard, IBM is about to publish a supported official size for the NIFNSF indexs that is far beyond 64 GB.
Stay tuned for the official statement. For now I can tell you that it will work above the 64 GB limit!

On the other side a databases with that index size will reach other limits like application responsiveness issues because of the nature of complex views with many documents.

But it is good to know that it was designed to support larger sizes and also the counters in the database will continue to work as I have tested earlier for DAOS.

Once we get an official statement I will update my post and share the link.

25.04.2017 Update:

The technical documentation has been updated -->

Here is the official statement for NIFNSF .NDX File size :-)

".NDX files have a limit of 1 TB. The real determination of how large the views can grow is based on application responsiveness or if any other limits are reached before the 1 TB .NDX file limit is reached."

-- Daniel

1Lars Berntrop-Bos  23.04.2017 0:21:16  NIFNSF Supported Maximum Size above 64 GB!

I remember a discussion a while back where the largest Notes database was over 250 GB. Cannot remember where or when though...

2Chris Whisonant  24.04.2017 14:46:02  NIFNSF Supported Maximum Size above 64 GB!

@Lars - we have a customer with a database of attachments that is just under 1 million documents and we are at 956 GB. :)

@Daniel, We also have a 13 million document database (same customer) with a NIFNSF size of 38GB. However, Domino Admin Manage Views show that the view indexes take up 9GB instead of the 38GB, but the first 3 views by size add up to more than 9GB. ;)

3Lars Berntrop-Bos  25.04.2017 7:37:30  NIFNSF Supported Maximum Size above 64 GB!

@Chris: I think it was on Bill Buchan's old site, and it was pre-DAOS.

Still: is the physical size of the db (without attachments) 956 GB?

4Chris Whisonant  25.04.2017 12:11:33  NIFNSF Supported Maximum Size above 64 GB!

No, this is the logical size.

Anytime I've ever seen a database hit the physical size of 64GB the server will stop writing to it. I'm not sure how the server would have been accessing a 250GB physical size database...



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