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Daniel Nashed


New Traveler Db Usage command in

Daniel Nashed  9 March 2012 09:41:39

There is a new tell command to show how much data is synced to devices.
This command is interesting to figure out how much data users are syncing.

The tell traveler dbusage command is new in and the results look like the example below.

With iOS devices you cannot prevent via policies that users sync all their mail.
But there is a general switch for the whole Traveler server in NTSConfig.xml to reduce the maximum limit that the server will sync -- independent from the user settings

Sets maximum mail filter window.

Sets maximum calendar filter window.

Sets maximum journal filter window.

-- Example Output from dbusage command (my server has just two users) --

tell traveler dbusage
Lotus Traveler Database Statistics
Accounts        : 2
Devices         : 5
Device documents: 8814
Domino documents: 3492
Highest Total Usage                 Documents    Percentage
Daniel Nashed/NashCom/C=DE          2904         83,16    
mobile/NashCom-Net                  588          16,84    
Mail documents: 2131
Highest Mail usage                  Documents    Percentage EMail filter        
Daniel Nashed/NashCom/C=DE          2120         99,48      30 days            
mobile/NashCom-Net                  11           0,52       5 days              
Calendar documents: 63
Highest Calendar usage              Documents    Percentage Event filter        
Daniel Nashed/NashCom/C=DE          61           96,83      30 days            
mobile/NashCom-Net                  2            3,17       14 days            
Contacts documents: 1262
Highest Contacts usage              Documents    Percentage Contact filter      
Daniel Nashed/NashCom/C=DE          699          55,39      unlimited          
mobile/NashCom-Net                  563          44,61      unlimited          
To Do documents: 3
Highest To Do usage                 Documents    Percentage Task filter        
mobile/NashCom-Net                  2            66,67      incomplete only    
Daniel Nashed/NashCom/C=DE          1            33,33      incomplete only    
Notebook documents: 0
Folder documents: 26
Highest Folder usage                Documents    Percentage Folder filter      
Daniel Nashed/NashCom/C=DE          19           73,08      unlimited          
mobile/NashCom-Net                  7            26,92      unlimited          
Command DbUsage complete.

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