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Daniel Nashed


new tools and projects

Daniel Nashed  7 April 2010 10:03:43

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy. I am working on multiple projects and also multiple existing and new tools.
There wasn't much to report yet but I plan to blog about some of those tools soon and might ask if someone is interested to beta test for example my iostat analysis database.

I have build a couple of new tools that I use in for my own customer engagements like the client_clock, server_clock, semdebug, memory dump annotation tools for performance troubleshooting.
And I am working on monitoring add-ons which complement what DDM and Event Monitoring already provides.

I would be interested to hear what you are missing in DDM and Event Monitoring.
I have some ideas and I am already working on. Let me know what you are missing for your environment.
What I am building is not a complete monitoring solution. I am just complementing what is already there.

- special database performance probes which report into a central db to figure out about your server performance over time (to help measure server SLAs)
- combined static querying via formulas
- generate own statistics
- special database queries resulting in statistic values and also events (for example query the number of documents older than a specified time etc)
- customizable mail probes resulting in statistic values and log documents

-- Daniel

1Ulrich Krause  07.04.2010 11:55:15  new tools and projects

>> beta test for example my iostat analysis database


2Detlev Pöttgen  07.04.2010 19:37:05  new tools and projects

... might ask if someone is interested to beta test for example my iostat analysis database.

sure ;-)

3Shrinivas  09.04.2010 11:57:10  new tools and projects

Sure why not, as usual this would be innovative.

4Rhitu  12.04.2010 11:25:44  new tools and projects

I'd like to try it.

5Frank Hagen  14.04.2010 8:12:42  new tools and projects

Hi Daniel,

i'm very interested to test your iostat analysis database and your database performance probes.


6Pedro Sola  29.04.2010 7:53:02  new tools and projects

i am in, too

7Dave Conradie  11.05.2010 4:18:15  new tools and projects

Definitely interested in the iostat analysis db...



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