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Daniel Nashed

New Start Script version 3.2.2 with a Tika Stop server work-around

Daniel Nashed – 14 June 2019 04:39:09

There are a couple of new features to the start script and fixed one issue with restartcompact for systemd.
And there is also an addition for the Docker environment. I have a separate blog post about the current Tika issues -->

There is shutdown control I added into the start script, because the external Java process does currently not terminate.

By default without any config parameter the shutdown check will be 30 seconds.
The default in the config in the configuration file is 20 seconds. So if you don't deploy the new config settings, the script will wait 10 seconds longer before killing the Tika process.

Beside that hard coded logic for the Tika process, I added another delayed shutdown command that is invoked during the shutdown after some time.

And there is also a new tika process stop/kill command, which I added.

When you kill the tika server process, it will be restarted when the next process tries to index an attachment.

The new version is available by mail request (-->

I am still planning for the next major release. It might not have many new features but will have changed default locations (probably /opt/nashcom), maybe will move to github (not sure because than I am loosing a bit of control but make the feedback process and download easier).

And I might move to a new documentation format. So probably the documentation will be online only in MD format. Still experimenting in converting MD files back to txt.

Also I sort of like the old text file better than the new MD format for the purpose of the start script documentation. Maybe I will just bring it up in two formats and get feedback.

-- Daniel

New Features

New Commands:

"systemlog" shows the last log lines from systemd service.

This is helpful to see output of the start script.

"tika" stop|kill

Shows the Tika server status and can be used to terminate the process.

Without additional parameters this command shows the status of the Tiker server process.

tika stop --> stops the process.

tik kill  --> kills the process.

Added "locale" output to server start logging.

This can help to troubleshoot issues with locale setting on your server.

New configuration options:


Tries to shutdown the Tika index server during shutdown.

IT happens that the Tika server does not terminate, which prevents the Domino server from shutting down properly.

Default 30 seconds.


Script which can be executed delayed during shutdown.

specifies the number of seconds after shutdown start.

(default 20 seconds)

Shutdown Delay for delayed shutdown command.

Default is 20 seconds if script is defined.

Docker Support:

Now the entry point script checks if the script is already started with the right user and will not switch to the user.

There are configuration options on the Docker side to run the entry point script directly with the right user.

When you switch the user to "notes" at the end of your dockerfile, the container is started with "notes".

This provides better security.

Problems Solved

restartcompact and restartfixup did not work correctly with systemd.

For systemd the rc_domino script needs to stop the service run compact/fixup and restart the service.


1Wesley Guisso  08.07.2019 14:22:13  New Start Script version 3.2.2 with a Tika Stop server work-around

Hy Daniel, in your script, exit error in file script rc_domino in line 62.

60: # Docker Operations


62: check if running inside a container

63: if [ -e "/.dockerenv" ]; then

64: DOCKER_ENV=yes

65: fi


2Daniel Nashed  08.07.2019 16:34:01  New Start Script version 3.2.2 with a Tika Stop server work-around

@Wesley, I just found the same issue here when testing a new Docker image.

The change came in in a Docker functionality update but effects also normal installations.

I sent you a mail with the fixed version that I uploaded a minute before I read your comment.

The version is still the same. I just added a comment char in rc_domino line 62.

So you could just fix it on your own adding the # char in that line.

The code still works but logs an error at line 64.

-- Daniel

3Matthias  21.07.2019 11:17:54  New Start Script version 3.2.2 with a Tika Stop server work-around

Hi Daniel,

thank you for the new script, but in the doku is

a little error.

The right syntax for symbilc links is

ln -s de_DE.UTF-8 C


ln -s C de_DE.UTF-8


4Daniel Nashed  23.07.2019 13:44:37  New Start Script version 3.2.2 with a Tika Stop server work-around

@Matthias, thanks! You are right! that's the wrong order in the readme.

I probably worte the documentation lines from the top of my head and mixed it up :-)

Will be fixed in the next update.

By the way the script gives warnings when the resource links are not there.

And sometimes the Domino installer does not create C links. So it could be the case that you have to create it the other way round.

You should always have a C directory! So in some cases you might have to create the link the other way round.

But in the context of the current documentation the ln -s source and destination are in the wrong order.

-- Daniel



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