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Daniel Nashed

New Start Script Version 3.0 with systemd support released

Daniel Nashed – 7 April 2015 08:12:21
There is a new version of the start script for Domino on Linux (also AIX and Solaris) that supports RHEL 7 and SLES 12 which a both now using systemd instead of the older init scripts.
When you are migrating to one of those platforms you have to switch to the new start script and also use systemd to start/stop your Domino server.

Also for the new versions of Linux the start script remains the main main entry point for all your operations with the server.
But for start and stop you will need root permissions or your Linux admin can allow you to use the start script with root permissions via "sudo".
The start script an invoke all the needed systemd commands to start and stop the Domino server. But you can also use the systemd commands instead.

I have updated and rewrote part of the documentation. If you are familiar with the start script already you should be aware that there are some changes.
There is a new "domino.service" file which represents the systemd service. You need one of those files for each partition along with the rc_domino file.
In the domino.service file there are references to the rc_domino_script which need to match the path where you have installed the script.
And also rc_domino needs information which service file should be used. By default the service name is commended out to work with previous versions.
If you are running with systemd you have to set the "DOMINO_SYSTEMD_NAME" variable to your domino.service.

The documentation contains information about all changes and there is a "systemd" section in the readme as well.

In addition I added an additional status command. "statusd" gives you the systemd status for your service.

And I have also added another not related command which I wanted for my own environments.

The "resources" command shows you all resources the server currently uses (processes, shared memory, semaphores, MQs ..).

Here is a link to the script page -->
You can request the new version with the form that page.

There are also some other minor changes all documented in the version history.

If you have any questions let me know by mail.

Enjoy the new version



1Matteo Bisi  07.04.2015 20:44:09  New Start Script Version 3.0 with systemd support released

Thanks Daniel, i'm using your script to start domino from many years, thanks for your new relase, i really appreciate your work !

2Sean Cull  09.04.2015 8:14:58  New Start Script Version 3.0 with systemd support released




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