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Daniel Nashed


    New IdeaJam like Website from IBM/HCL for Collobaration Products

    Daniel Nashed  14 July 2018 23:07:12
    Notes/Domino 10 is already planned and the first private beta already contained many of the new features.
    IBM and HCL already announced that there will be a new version every 9-10 month.

    So they are already planning for Notes/Domino 11 and also about new Traveler and Sametime versions.

    From what I heard HCL has already assigned developers working on the first features of Notes/Domino 11.

    In the mobile area all energy is focused on the new Nomad client!  So we will have to be patient for new Traveler features.

    Beside the Jam events they will continue after Notes/Domino 10 shipped there is a new idea website, where you can provide feedback today.


    IBM and specially HCL really want our feedback and you can see from the first features they have shared in the latest presentations that they take our feedback really serious.

    So I would really like to encourage you to have look into the website to submit your ideas and vote for existing ideas!

    Update 17.7.2018:

    We have been wondering why IBM/HCL did not use IdeaJam which is a great tool to collect ideas and get them prioritized.
    When you look at you see that it does much more than just that and it is used at IBM and HCL by offering management for release planning and more.
    So that makes perfectly sense for me from their point of view.

    On the other side IdeaJam is still a great tool for customers and partner for idea-management internally and externally.

    IdeaJam is around for 11 years as someone mentioned today in a discussion.

    -- Daniel

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