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Daniel Nashed


New Calendar Fixup Code In Notes 8.5

Daniel Nashed  29 January 2009 12:55:06
At Lotusphere we had an interesting conversation with one of the C&S developers about issues we have with repeated meetings.
There is new code in the Notes 8.5 Client and Mail template which in combination can help to fix some calendar corruptions.
I ran into this debugging a customer issue with my Notes 8.5 client but I did not find any documentation.

Yesterday we got Technote #1326680 (-> link) which describes this new functionality published.

This problem was never really documented and could happen when calendar documents have been changed in multiple replicas or thru add-on tools like a Blackberry.
The feature and the technote can be very helpful. Thanks to IBM for this new feature and the detained documentation in the TN.

-- Daniel

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