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Daniel Nashed


My Top 3 Formula Commands for working in the Notes Client

Daniel Nashed  19 September 2014 04:53:48
All of those commands are not new at all. They are all round for a very long time. But they make my day easier.
I am surprised that many still don't know at least the first two.
The last one is more a convenience when working with replicas.


Before Release 5 there wasn't an admin client and the admin/designer was integrated into the normal client.
The old live console is still in the client and you don't need an admin client -- just the right permission.
You can launch it from a smart icon and have a simple admin console without starting the admin client.

@Command([Execute];"notepad"; @ConfigFile)

Actually that is a combination of two things.
@ConfigFile returns the location of your notes.ini. This can be very helpful if you at another user's Notes Client and don't know where the notes.ini is located.
You can create a new memo (CTRL-M) write the text in the subject and press Shift + F9 to evaluate the formula.
By the way Shift + F9 works in every field and you could also use it as a calculator.

In combination with the execute this opens the notes.ini in a notepad for editing.

@Command( [ReplicatorSendReceiveMail] )

If you are using local replicas and got a new mail notification but the mail is not yet replicated this command helps to just send and receive mail.

All three commands are not really new but you might have forgotten about them...

-- Daniel

1Nick Wall  19.09.2014 8:36:40  My Top 3 Formula Commands for working in the Notes Client

Shift + F9...I never knew that! I love it.

2Steven Vaughan  19.09.2014 10:23:00  My Top 3 Formula Commands for working in the Notes Client

Open the NOTES.INI from the memo subject line....

Suits you sir !



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