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Daniel Nashed


midpoints Let’s Encrypt for Domino (LE4D)

Daniel Nashed  28 August 2017 02:44:58
As posted before I am running my server with Let's Encrypt certificates.
The first available client choices for requesting certificates (ACME clients) did not make me happy because I had to install Python just for that.
Meanwhile there are multiple tools available including simple shell scripts and also a Java implementation.

For Linux running "getssl" script ( with a small script to automate the process works quite well. But it is still completely server-backend based and only works for Linux.

As mentioned in the comments of my previous blog post Detlev Poettgen and Ulrich Krause from midpoints created a Notes/Domino application leveraging the Java ACME client implementation to handle Let's Encrypt certificates!
After configuring the application it handles everything for you in one database. It works on Windows and Linux and you can centrally manage certs for all your servers!

The application "midpoints Let's Encrypt for Domino (LE4D)" is available for free.
You find it here -->

Once you filled in a request form you will get a template and documentation.

There will also be a session at AdminCamp next month about the tool -->

Huge thanks to Detlev and Ulrich!



1Detlev Poettgen  28.08.2017 7:49:05  midpoints Let’s Encrypt for Domino (LE4D)

Thank you Daniel for your blog post and great that you tried midpoints Let's Encrypt 4 Domino.

I hope you got it running and now it's the time to switch your blog to https, too ;-)

Looking forward to meet you at AdminCamp to discuss, what we can put into LE4D v2.





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