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Daniel Nashed


Meltdown and Spectre Exploit

Daniel Nashed  5 January 2018 00:44:30

There is a new security issue for most modern CPUs. Intel and AMD is affected in different ways.
It's not something that is application specific. It's a CPU and OS level issue. Which affects also virtualization hosts.

Here is the best website to get details -->

And there are already some patches for some platforms.

I have just installed the current kernel patches for CentOS (kernel 2.6.32-696.18.7).

Here is the info from RHEL about the first patches

We will probably see patches for other platforms including virtualization platforms like ESX.

Those are the first fixes. And we will probably see more followup fixes.

Update 06.01.2018:

There is an interresting article describing some of the background and what hardware and software vendors are doing against it with different approaches.

From what I see the applications with the biggest exposure to those bugs are web-browsers because they execute active code from remote (e.g. JavaScript).

Here is also a current statement from Mozilla:

And there is the status page for Chrome and other Google technologis:

-- Daniel

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