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Daniel Nashed


Daniel Nashed – 5 February 2010 14:20:34

Domino 8 uses the IBM Licence Management routines (LUM) and ships with a full licence key in each release when you download it from the Passport or Partnerworld website. If you download it from the public demo locations it is timebombed.
I don't know why the full licensed code has licence keys. They are the same for each major release anyway.

They cause specially issues when you try to install multiple versions and mix different data directories and binary directories. Also when moving a data directory you can run into issues.
Those issues still occur in 8.5.1. Because the code on Windows still queries a registry key to query the location of the licence files.
The location is determined by Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lotus\Domino\ Value: DataPath="c:\\Lotus\\Domino85\\Data"
This is true also for partitioned servers. In my installation this key was updated with the second partition but also the first partition used this location for license checking.

There are two files involved which are version depending Domino8.lic and nodelock. So those files from a 8.0 release will not work for 8.5.

So in cases where you see an error message like the following, you should check your versions and the registry values.

-- Daniel

An error occurred during license use management initialization.
Ensure that you are running Domino with a valid license file.


1Shrinivas S  08.02.2010 10:52:36  LicenceKeyIssuesWithDomino


I am getting similar error on AIX 5.3, any idea how do i resolve this.


2Daniel Nashed  08.02.2010 11:30:25  LicenceKeyIssuesWithDomino

On AIX (same for Linux and Solaris) the data directory is checked for those two files. So the data directory files have to match your binary version.

Does this help? If not feel free to ping me offline to check for more details of your configuration.

-- Daniel

3Shrinivas S  09.02.2010 7:12:32  LicenceKeyIssuesWithDomino

Thanks for response.

I had verified and those two file exist on my server data directory. Also tried copying from one of my 8.5.1 server, still same error.

4Daniel Nashed  15.02.2010 7:41:22  Update: LicenceKeyIssuesWithDomino solved after re-installation


Shrinivas, emailed about this issue offline and the problem did resolve after re-installing Domino. Something got mixed up with the licence key files.

-- Daniel

5Sri  07.01.2011 14:40:10  LicenceKeyIssuesWithDomino


i'm having license issue with domino server 8.0.2 trial version.

i couldn't find the domino8.lic in the data path.

i did a multiple reinstall but no show

6Daniel Nashed  10.01.2011 17:29:40  LicenceKeyIssuesWithDomino

@Sri, as far I know the time-bombed test versions have no licence key and just create a nodelock. I never had to use a time-bombed version ;-)

it should work for the trail period without the license file. What happens in your case?

-- Daniel

7mks  11.01.2011 13:31:46  LicenceKeyIssuesWithDomino


I have the same problem as Sri. I trying to install Lotus Domino trial version from IBM web page on my box(WinXP Prof) for tests. When I try to start Lotus Domino Server

the same error pops up: "An error occurred during license use management initialization. Ensure that you are running Domino with a valid license file."

I tried this: { Link } but it does not help.

Any ideas howsolve this issue?



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