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Daniel Nashed

New technote about Domino 12.0.1 DAOS hang

Daniel Nashed – 21 February 2022 22:08:36

It turned out the hang situation which can occur in combination with DAOS on larger servers is not completely fixed in 12.0.1 IF1.
In case you are running into hangs check the brand new technote for details:

The issue behind the problem is complex and the HCL team is working an a solution.

In this situation you should know your most reasonable options:

1. If you migrated to Domino 12.0.1 and run DAOS with larger databases

a.) If your servers are running good

  • You should still try to avoid more critical operations like fixup, compact or resync during the day.
  • Only use one compact thread ( e.g. load dbmt -ct 1 )
  • Don't run multiple maintenance tasks at once.
  • You should also disables DAOS on the of the server, because it increases the concurrency of DAOS operations as well.

b.) if you are running into issues
  • Open a support ticket to request the latest version of the hotfix build for your specific problem.
  • You should prepare NSDs and logs showing the locks similar to what you see in the technote.
  • It makes sense to stay on 12.0.1. Migrating back will require a rebuild of the DAOS catalog because the catalog version changed
  • If you already updated the ODS, you have to downgrade
  • The way forward to get the hotfix is the right way in most cases!

2. If you did not yet migrate to 12.0.1 yet and run with large servers with DAOS enabled with many NLOs
  • I would wait until 12.0.1 IF2 is released. This will ensure the current issues are resolved.
  • HCL is working with high priority with customers and partners to ensure 12.0.1 IF2  addresses all known issues.
  • Therefore if you know partners or customers running into hangs, let them know to contact support.

Domino 12.0.1 is a stable release and HCL put a lot of energy into it with great new features.

I am running it from day one in my environment.
So I would continue with 12.0.1 deployments and wait with the larger servers using DAOS for now.
I hope this helps! If you need help, I am here as well as always.

-- Daniel


1Toni Feric  22.02.2022 10:03:59  New technote about Domino 12.0.1 DAOS hang

Hi Daniel,

I also noticed that in 12.0.1, compact may retrieve all attachments from large databases from DAOS (without removing the DAOS flag). Smaller DB's were not affected.

A normal "compact -c" will move the attachments back to DAOS.

But I only observed this behavior when compact was running with dbmt using multiple compact threads.

This issue may cause the Domino server to run out of disk space on the Domino data volume - so it may pose an operational threat.

Thanks, Toni



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