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Daniel Nashed

KVM vs. VMware for enterprise virtualization

Daniel Nashed – 22 March 2024 08:00:40

Now that VMware introduced some changes and discontinued the free ESXi technology, admins might need to review their strategies.
I found an interesting article from RedHat published in 2018, which describes it quite well and has references to other technologies like containers.It

It is good starting point to look into the topic -->

KVM is part of the Linux kernel and from technology point probably the better virtualization technology.

VMware's strength is to make virtualization easy by providing a good admin interface and a stack working hand in hand with vendor specific back end functionality.
But you can get similar functionality also in the Linux world. And there are multiple solutions on top of KVM which are also supported by the major vendors.

Redhat, Ubuntu ( and Proxmox ( are good examples.
Those vendors offer different type of options, where the general functionality is usually available for free -- the classical freemium *) model which Broadcom just broke this month for ESXi.
A true native Linux stack with it's openness can bring also advantages. It usually comes with more innovation from a bigger development community.

IMHO looking into KVM based virtualization makes a lot of sense.
At least as a secondary option specially for Linux based environments. But it is also a valid approach for Windows with native QMEU drivers from RedHat.

-- Daniel


Image:KVM vs. VMware for enterprise virtualization
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