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Daniel Nashed

K3s efficient and well done Kubernetes test and production ready distibution

Daniel Nashed – 21 July 2021 22:14:57

Last week I looked into different type of Kuberntes (K8s) environments.
And finally found out that the one I have been using is the best for my use-cases already!

And finally went back to my favorite K3s implementation ( ) where everything worked out of the box.

K3s is a great Kubernetes distribution. On the one side it is very lightweight implemented in a single binary.
On the other side you can really scale it to a cluster with the right storage infrastructure to start with.

It's extremely well done and we have been using it for all our workshops.
You can work with it even in a small VM with just one CPU core and 2 GB of RAM for a smaller Domino server!

And I just didn't realized how lucky my choice was a while ago.

It doesn't need an installed Docker environment and installs and starts in under 1 minute.

My tests with storage snapshots and ZFS have all been done with K3s as well.
I also submitted the step by step training instructions for a workshop we did a couple of times.

Link to the lab instructions -->

The examples we used have been already there. Now I added the step by step instructions.

We are also working on releasing the full material probably jointly with the HCL Software Academy.

If you never looked into K8s, it might be time to start.
And if you are using K8s I would be interested to hear which distribution you are using and why.

Even our community image should run in the same way in different distributions to learn about new functionality and get new ideas.

But I have to say I have been most impressed by K3s so far.

-- Daniel

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