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Daniel Nashed


Issues with Domino 8.5.2 FP3

Daniel Nashed  1 August 2011 09:15:00

You should wait with installing 8.5.2 FP3 if you are using iNotes or Traveler. There are two critical issues with pending fixes.

If you are running on Windows and the locale of your Domino server is not US English there is an issue with iNotes -->
There are some workarounds (changing the locale or using the 8.5.2 FP2 IF1 version of the iNotes files) but you should better wait until an updated version is available.
It looks like we are getting an updated version soon.

The second issue impacts traveler. The current shipping versions of Traveler use an internal C-API call which has been changed with 8.5.2 FP3.
You should wait upgrading Traveler servers to 8.5.2 FP3 until a new Fixpack for the Traveler server has been released.

See for details (thanks Christian for the alert!)

-- Daniel

1Daniel Nashed  01.08.2011 14:01:22  Issues with Domino 8.5.2 FP3

which version of Traveler are you on? already

normally the Domino server version should not have direct impact on the Traveler client installation.

-- Daniel

2Keith Brooks  01.08.2011 14:19:35  Issues with Domino 8.5.2 FP3

I have also experienced a problem for windows mobile phones that the server tells them there is an update,8523, for their 8522 client but then can not find or download it.

Not sure if at all related or not and still troubleshooting it.

3Uwe Brahm  01.08.2011 23:51:18  Issues with Domino 8.5.2 FP3

... and if you are a heavy IMAP user, make sure to request HF39 for your 8.5.2 FP3 installation!


{ Link }

4Daniel Nashed  02.08.2011 5:12:52  Issues with Domino 8.5.2 FP3

thanks for sharing!. sounds like IF1 will have at least 3 SPRs included.



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