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Daniel Nashed


Issue generating SYM files for Domino 64bit on Win64

Daniel Nashed  6 June 2009 20:03:29

SYM files are used to add diagnostic information to binaries to allow NSD to dump call-stack information. The C-API contains a tool called map2isym.exe. In the current versions the tool is missing but it will be added again in the next toolkits. I got the current version thru a PMR. Email me if you need the current version. The tool converts Microsoft standard map files to sym files which can be used for NSD (specific Notes format).

When using map2isym for 64Bit Domino the call-stack annotation via NSD does not work. There is an open SPR #PCHE7SAGZH for this issue and we got a work-around for this issue. If you specify the link option /BASE:0x400000 the load location is changed which allows NSD to find the symbolic information.

-- Daniel

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