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Daniel Nashed

Is anyone still using Domino 11 or earlier on Docker?

Daniel Nashed – 24 January 2022 23:38:24
Domino 12 One-Touch setup has been a game changer for Domino on Docker deployments.

Moving Domino 11 and older to legacy support

The Community image supported Domino since version 9.0.1 and had an own setup routine based on modifying the legacy PDS file setup.
With Domino 12 this isn't needed any more and removing this logic along with other consolidation will make the Docker Community image a lot easier to maintain.

There are so many cool new features that I can't think of why many people want to run Domino 11 on a modern environment like Docker or K8s.
But there are still use cases for older images specially for developers who have to test with older versions.

For now I created a "next" branch in the repository and made most of the changes today.
The plan is to keep a "legacy" branch including all the existing documentation and move on making the next branch the new master branch.
I consolidated the build scripts first. Then moved to the internal deployment scripts in the container, the documentation and also the examples.

Rancher Desktop support

At the same time I changed the way the build and run-time environments are detected to add Rancher Desktop support.

Rancher Desktop 1.0 Beta is released and removed support for their own build environment "kim".
The only available build environment is now "nerdctl". I looked into it earlier, but it wasn't ready to go.
But with the latest changes a Domino build, push to registry and run works.

With the "next" repository the "nerdctl"  environment is auto detected in a WSL environment.

There is still work in progress for Rancher Desktop support and the other changes.

It's not ready for testing. But I would like to understand who is still on Domino 11 or older.
We will continue to support the older branch. But I would not expect many changes in the older versions.

-- Daniel

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