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Introducing Domino on Linux One Touch Install

Daniel Nashed  25 August 2021 10:18:28

For a DNUG Sametime on Docker/K8s workshop preparation I got the question how I would install Domino on Linux using current best practices.
So I installed Domino step by step and noted all the different steps.

I came up with the idea to bring this into a simple script that also re-uses functionality we already have in our Docker Community project.

This includes finding the latest version and also helping you to find the software download.

I came up with this mark down document and also a simple to use script that you could either just use or adopt for your own needs (it's open source).

You find the step by step Domino on Linux guide in the referenced document.
And it is also shows which steps the shell script would perform automatically for you.

The software file contains all the information about current Domino versions and would install the latest official Domino12.0.0 release.

Of course you need the Domino Linux web kit available locally or on a shared network location where it can be automatically downloaded.

Here is the script. Again as mentioned in another blog post: I would download and have a look before executing a script via curl/bash ;-)
But yes this single command would install Domino, my start script and configure everything else described in the document for you.

curl -sL | bash -

If you are not a container fan, this would be the fastest way to install Domino.
And once installed you can use Domino V12 One Touch Setup to configure your server.

The script could also be an inspiration for your own automated installation.

What you think? Is this helpful? What is missing?
Right now it is just for the current version. But it can be customized.

-- Daniel

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