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Daniel Nashed

Installing Domino on current RHEL servers

Daniel Nashed – 3 December 2012 06:40:25

There is a new default setting that 32bit Libs are not installed by default on RHEL.
This is done to have a clean 64bit-only environment by default.
If you need 32bit packages you have to either install them manually specifying the 32bit package or change the default settings back.

If you change


the 32bit libs are getting installed.

I went thru the list of packets that the installer did mark as missing after I have changed the setting and made sure the 32bit versions of those libs got installed.

If you don't change this you have to specify the 32bit name of each of the libs when running yum and it might be a lot of work.

So my recommendation is to change the setting to get both versions of the libs installed.
The packet sources have both versions 32bit and 64bit if you specify "all" both are installed.

-- Daniel
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