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Daniel Nashed


iNotes Redirect without Anonymous Access

Daniel Nashed  5 December 2014 15:24:50
When running iNotes you might only want to allow authenticated connections to your Domino Server over HTTP.
But on the other side you want to use the iNotes Redirect database which contains some images and other design that should load even the user is not yet authenticated.

There is a Wiki article that describes in detail what to do. Thanks to IBM pointing out that parameter!

Starting with Domino 8.5.2 you can allow additional URLs that an anonyous users can access even the server allows only authenticated access.

You can either allow the full database:


Or in a more paranoid configuration only allow the specifc design elements which should be available -- example for "redir.nsf"

If using Domino 8.5.3 or Lower version of the IBM Redirector ini should be set like this:


If using Domino 9 or Later version of the IBM Redirector  ini should be set like this:


Note: You have to restart the HTTP task (e.g. restart task http)

-- Daniel
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