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Daniel Nashed


    IBM Champion Nominations

    Daniel Nashed  21 October 2018 20:31:57

    The IBM Champion program is a great way to thank active members of the community and also to help them in some way to continue their work for the community.
    The nomination is still open until end of October. So you still have time to nominate someone. Or renominate one of the current IBM Champions.

    You can nominate your favorite persons in the community to appreciate what they are doing for the community (-->

    Libby last year expressed it in short words what a champion makes stand out. Let me quote instead of just passing a link!

    Many the community spending the time writing blog post, developing free solutions, speaking at conferences and much more.

    I am proud of being a Champion and the appreciation of my work makes me happy. Thanks for everyone who nominated me in 2017!
    -- Daniel

    "You may know an IBM Champion if…

    The best way to understand the IBM Champions program is to know an IBM Champion. Do you think you know a Champion?
    Here are 7 questions to ask yourself about your technical community. Do these sound familiar?

    • Someone freely gives you advice in person, on Twitter, on forums…
    • You regularly read the blog of someone for help or shared code…
    • Someone in your organization knows everything there is to know about your IBM software or hardware and makes it all work together and is always the one answering questions…
    • There is someone whose presentations you enjoy and learn from…
    • Someone is putting their own time into organizing an event you value…
    • Someone has positively influenced your choices of what to deploy and when…
    • There is someone whose contribution you would miss if they were to stop…
    If you put a name or a face to those 7 questions, you may know an IBM Champion… or someone who should become an IBM Champion!"
    See this link for more details about IBM Champions -->
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