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Daniel Nashed


Howto convert cert formats from and to PEM

Daniel Nashed  10 April 2024 08:17:05

CertMgr uses PEM internally for all operations. The PEM format is the most important format.
But you might get your files from your admin or a CA in different formats.

CertStore can import and export PEM and PKCS12 (PFX, p12).
But this might not always work in the way you expect it because of legacy encryption.

I just wrote a new howto document providing some background and providing OpenSSL command line options.

If you are using CertMgr you might want to also look into another document added a while ago:

Anatomy of a TLS Credentials document

I hope this type of information helps you to understand some of the backgrounds and also to help you converting your certs.

-- Daniel

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