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Daniel Nashed


How to resolve synchronization issues that start after upgrading to IBM Traveler (or higher)

Daniel Nashed  9 September 2017 09:21:53
If you are running on Traveler and higher you should read the following support flash technote in detail.

You must read this technote if you are running on and higher.
And with this new information it makes a lot of sense to move to this new version soon.

As mentioned before, IBM changed the default security mode for Traveler.
Traveler uses a run as user feature to ensure that all functionality is invoked in the name of the user.

Therefore Traveler server has to be listed in the trusted server on the security tab of the mail-server (which already caused a yellow status warning on your servers in earlier versions in preparation).

But there are additional requirements for each mail-database to correctly sync with this new security modeil.
Some of them have not been documented in detail before this technote was available. And Traveler has more detailed checking/logging if capabilities in access for a database is missing.
Also there is a fallback per user to the old mode, if not all requirements are full filled for a mail-database.
For example Maximum Internet Access for a mail-database needs to be set to Editor or higher.

The technote describes the requirements and the new error logging in very detail. And also all options that you have to disable the new access mode for the server or per user.

-- Daniel

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