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Daniel Nashed


    How long does it take to update a server to Domino 12.0.1?

    Daniel Nashed  14 December 2021 10:58:50

    0.  Preparation

    git pull to get the latest domino-docker changes.

    ./ domino to build the Domino server.

    Depending on the environment this might take 4-8 build automation time. After that you have your new image.
    Of course the new web kit for 12.0.1 needs to be available either locally or via HTTP/HTTPS.

    1. Build custom image

    While my production client was still updating I took the Domino Community Docker image, the domino_container script and built my add-on image with all the additional server tasks and extension managers I need.

    Time: ~15 sec

    2. Update the container image -- in my case on podman

    Next I took a look into the current version running and new available image, I just built.

    Then a single command shuts down the existing container, removes it and brings up the container with V12.0.1. ---

    Time: ~30 sec (because of the server shutdown)

    domino_container inspect
    (Using config file /etc/sysconfig/domino_container)

    Info: New Image Version available!

     Runtime        :  Podman 3.4.1-dev
     Status         :  running
     Health         :  healthy
     Started        :  13.11.2021 20:16:29

     Name           :  domino-nashcom
     Image          :  hclcom/domino:latest
     Version        :  12.0.1
     Domino Ver CNT :  12.0.1BETA2
     Domino Ver IMG :  12.0.1
     BuildTime CNT  :  17.10.2021 15:16:03
     BuildTime IMG  :  14.12.2021 11:51:56

     Hostname       :
     Volumes        :  /local/zfs/backup /local/podman/local
     Mounts         :  /zfs /local

     Container ID   :  a2ef7ccd45e5
     Image-ID CNT   :  5301a714d226
     Image-ID IMG   :  b633cb7d9b0d

     Image Size     :  2028 MB
     NetworkMode    :  host
     Driver         :  overlay

    domino_container update
    (Using config file /etc/sysconfig/domino_container)

    Info: New Image Version available!

    Updating Container [domino-nashcom] ...

    Stopping Container ...
    Stopping systemd domino_container.service

    Creating & starting new Container [domino-nashcom] ...

    Starting systemd domino_container.service

    Successfully updated Container [domino-nashcom]

    This means the server hosting this blog is updated to Domino 12.0.1 GA.

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