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Daniel Nashed

HDMI Ghost seems to make my Intel NUC Proxmox server run better

Daniel Nashed – 25 March 2024 21:35:46

Looks like I might have found a solution for my stability issue and it seems to also lower the CPU consumption on my Intel NUC.
I had some crashes/hangs I could not explain. There was no display connected to the machine and when it hang adding a display did not lead to any prompt.

After some research I found side comments about HDMI Ghost plug-ins which keep the GPU enabled and make Proxmox machines more stable.

I ordered one over the weekend and today my Proxmox server seem to run better.

The HDMI Ghost plug was about 5 Euro and might have solved my problem.

I am still testing but it looks goo so far.

Does anyone have similar experience?

-- Daniel

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