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Daniel Nashed

HCL Domino Community Image German Language Pack Support

Daniel Nashed – 24 November 2022 22:23:44

Personally I am not a big fan of the language packs.
I keep the server in English and just add the templates I need on a single server if needed.

But there are some customers who really want also German system databases.

Each Language Pack for each Domino release will require separate properties, LP ini files and a lot of testing.
Therefore additional language packs are added on request.

I would still encourage everyone to stay with an English container image.

This was still a good step to understand the LP silent installer.

The installation is another install option for the Domino base image.
 You just specify the language "de" on command-line. The installer will take care replacing the files and the templates are packaged into the install data tar automatically.

-- Daniel

./ domino -domlp=de

12.0.2              [OK] Domino_12.0.2_Linux_English.tar
de-12.0.2           [OK] Domino_12.0.2_SLP_German.tar

Installing Language Pack de-12.0.2

Running Domino Language Pack Silent Install -- This takes a while ...

Language Pack installed successfully

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