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Daniel Nashed


HCL Domino Community Container Update - Build your container with all options including Traveler and Domino Leap

Daniel Nashed  30 September 2023 11:20:11

Domino V14 EA2 added the Nomad Server and Verse to the Domino installer package and installs both automatically with Domino.
This is a great move to simplify Domino installations and updates!

The container project has support for both for quite a while along with other community only options.
There is an add-on image for HCL Traveler and Domino Leap.
Both need an additional build step to create a HCL Traveler or Domino Leap container on top of the Domino image.

HCL Traveler and Domino Leap option

Because HCL also has a separate image and the community image is now the base for the HCL image since Domino 12.0.2 we never changed the layering.

But why not add a new option to build Traveler and Domino Leap directly into your Domino image.

Here is a sample "all you can build" command-line, which installs all the latest components directly during Domino 12.0.2 container build.

./ domino +traveler +verse +restapi +capi +nomad +leap +domlp=de

12.0.2              [OK] Domino_12.0.2_Linux_English.tar
12.0.2FP2           [OK] Domino_1202FP2_Linux.tar
3.1.0               [OK]
de-12.0.2           [OK] Domino_12.0.2_SLP_German.tar
1.0.7               [OK] Domino_REST_API_V1.0.7_Installer.tar.gz
1.0.9-12.0.2        [OK] nomad-server-1.0.9-for-domino-12.0.2-linux.tgz
12.0.2FP1           [OK] Traveler_12.0.2FP1_Linux_ML.tar.gz
1.1.2               [OK]
12.0.2              [OK]

Support for the latest versions including RESTAPI 1.0.7

I have also updated the latest version support for all the components.
This is specially interesting for the RESTAPI, which now supports Domino V14.

The installer is now split into one for Domino V14 and one for earlier versions.
Background is that Domino V14 introduced Java 17. The RESTAPI installer leverages the Domino JVM, which switches to Version 17 in Domino 14.

The container build script is now version aware and uses the right installer package for each version.

Domino V14 EA2 support

The community container project supports Domino V14 EA2 and will introduce EA3 support as soon it is available.

But I am pushing the changes just explained already today. I need to double check if all components still work.

Domino German Language support

I added the LP a while ago and never got any feedback. Installing the LP isn't that straightforward.
There is an installer properties file and a LP ini file which defines what to add and replace.

I cloned the settings for Domino V14 and need to review it again once EA3 is available. There is still work in progress.
But it should work as it is today.

I hope you like the additions to the Domino Container Community project.
The official HCL image stays the same. All of those options are community only options.

-- Daniel

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