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Daniel Nashed

Happy 30th birthday Linux!!

Daniel Nashed – 26 August 2021 07:45:50

Image:Happy 3th birthday Linux!!

WOW 30 years Linux..

I was an early bird and downloaded it to floppy disks at Düsseldorf university via ftp command line ..

Later in Domino 5.0.3 we got Linux support for the first SLES versions.
Now Linux is the OS powering the internet and IMHO the best OS we have for Domino.
It has been an interesting journey so far.

And it is getting easier every day for users as well.
Today my dad likes his Ubuntu desktop more than his Windows notebook ..
Updates and support are so much easier and faster!

Congrats to the Linux community!



1Gary Young  29.08.2021 8:53:33  Happy 30th birthday Linux!!

Happy Birthday Linux - been using *nix since 1990.

Mainly Centos in recent times and now a firm fan of Rocky Linux.

Live Long and Prosper *nix

2Kevin Johnston  30.08.2021 14:15:16  Happy 30th birthday Linux!!

I have to say that Linux is so simple to use for Domino and just feels right. Still running on CentOS as it is my sandbox to try things before I push for them in my buisiness environment but while I have needed the odd nudge to point me right it has bee so much easier than Windows. It is also way more cost effective.

Now if we could only get Admin/Designer clients running natively on Linux it would be as though all my Christmases came at once



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