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Daniel Nashed

Great news Notes Domino 10 and beyond

Daniel Nashed – 25 October 2017 18:03:05
We got great news today. There will be a Notes & Domino 10 in 2018. And IBM also announced that with joined efforts with HCL Technologies they are working on a strategy for #Domino2025.

This isn't a new partnership. IBM and HCL are already working together for Tivoli and Rational software. But is was still a big surprise today.

Notes and Domino 9.0.1 FP10 is committed for 2017 and I am looking forward to hear more about the Notes & Domino Strategy planned for 2018 with Notes and Domino 10.

And I am really looking forward actively giving feedback for future directions that IBM is asking customers and partners for.

See details in this official links

What a coincident. Tomorrow I am part of a Notes & Domino strategy workshop for a customer and I bet some of the slides of one of the co-speakers need some updates tonight :-)

Image:Great news Notes Domino 10 and beyond


1Sean Cull  26.10.2017 8:18:57  Tivoli

Hadn't seen the Tivoli link before. That is interesting as the lack of commercially viable backup solutions is an issue for Domino.

2Tihomir Pantovic  26.10.2017 9:47:48  Great news Notes Domino 10 and beyond

@1 - backup and/or backup procedure is something that is issue today (and in past time).

Certainly a thing to mention in #Domino2025 Jam.

Also, it looks like it's time to change licensing model (PVU vs Docker).

Again, good news and fingers crossed for FP10.

3Lars Berntrop-Bos  26.10.2017 13:29:21  Great news Notes Domino 10 and beyond

@Tihomir: Not FP10, but Domino 10.

A new major version means a very solid commitment. Excellent news!

4Christian Henseler  27.10.2017 7:36:37  Great news Notes Domino 10 and beyond

I don't see any reason for celebrations.

What is announced as 10 will be done the same way as it was done with 9.0:

A minor release (8.5.4) will be rebranded as new major Version (9.0) and all (at IBM/HCL) will be happy, because the illusion of evolution/further development has been created and the cash cow can further be milked with minimum invest on IBM's/HCL's side.

5Tihomir Pantovic  27.10.2017 20:29:54  Great news Notes Domino 10 and beyond

@Lars - I understand that R10 is announced, but I would like to see FP10 until the end of this year - to be sure that we're not in scenario that @Christian wrote.

6Sylvain  10.11.2017 10:55:17  Great news Notes Domino 10 and beyond

For me it's too late...Large number of companies leaved to Microsoft, and the won't come back. The number of Lotus Notes decreased a lot past years...I'm sad, because I'm Domino admin, and I don't stop listening past colleagues, moving to Off365. Renewing licences is very expensive and IBM doesn't make lot of effort for this part.



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