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Daniel Nashed

Get prepared for Notes/Domino V14 Early Access Code Drop 1

Daniel Nashed – 26 May 2023 08:34:41
Image:Get prepared for Notes/Domino V14 Early Access Code Drop 1Image:Get prepared for Notes/Domino V14 Early Access Code Drop 1

You can get hands on experience with Notes/Domino V14 end of this month. Here are some tips to get prepared.
All of the software is only intended for non-production use! So you should prepare a VM to get started.

But you should really take a look and have a try. Specially for business partners this is a call for action to test their applications with the updated back-end components.
As announced earlier Notes/Domino moved to up to date compilers and a newer Java version. Also the client is 64bit only.
I hope to see many of you in the EAP forum or at DNUG conference face to face.

-- Daniel

Windows Sandbox

A very convenient way is the Windows Sandbox, which is basically a disposable Windows shipped with Windows 10/11.
I am using it all the time for testing. You can map persistent data if you want to keep the data if you shutdown your sandbox.

The sandbox could run a Notes client and Domino server at the same time with the local network.
Check out my earlier Windows Sandbox posts. It's an optional component, which is easier to install and manage than any VM environment.

Domino Community image support for V14 EAP1

Like in the previous years you can expect the community project to support EAP1.
The container image will support building it with Nomad server and other add-ons on top for testing.


You can test the server on a Docker server or on Docker desktop, Rancher Desktop or any of your favorite container environments.

Image:Get prepared for Notes/Domino V14 Early Access Code Drop 1
and DNUG Conference in June

The DNUG conference mid of June in Siegburg/Germany will be also an opportunity for a hands-on experience -->
As soon Domino V14 EAP1 is released, we will bring it to the DNUG lab ->

Each DNUG member can get access to the lab and I will use the lab in my Domino V14 EAP1 presentation at the conference.
We will also have a booth at the conference for hands on experience.

Domino V14 Early Access forum

There will be an early access forum again in the same way as in the years before. Your existing accounts should still work. I just tested my account and I can already access it.

The URL is already available
The forum is already live and contains the system requirements for Notes/Domino/Traveler.

Webinar: Grab a Sneak Peek of Our Upcoming HCL Domino v14 Release -- June 1, 2024, 10 AM EDT

There is webinar showing the highlights of the first code drop.

Link to register -->

Downloading the early access software

Every customer on maintenance has access to EAP software. Stay tuned for how to download the web-kit installers and container image.

Some Important changes in Notes/Domino V14


The Notes client will be only available in 64bit. The compiler has changed to Visual Studio 2022 and the Java version is updated to Java 17.
You should start testing all your applications with 64bit and report back in the forum what works and what might fail.

Domino on Windows

The server is also built using the Visual Studio 2022 compiler. But because of the Windows universal run-time it will continue to work in the same way it did in 12.0.2.
The JVM is also updated to Java 17.  So you should also start to test all your server side applications.

Server notes.ini is now in data directory

On Linux/AIX and on Windows partitioned servers the notes.ini has been always in data directory.
Now also for standard servers the notes.ini will be created in the server's data directory.

Domino on Linux

The Linux server switched to the Redhat Enterprise 9.1 version. This brings the dependency for glibc 2.34 and higher.

If you are running native on Linux, your OS has to support at least glibc 2.34 !!

This means native Domino on Linux will only run on the latest versions of most of the Linux distributions.

Important: The upcoming SUSE 15.5 release will not have the required glibc support! But you can still run Domino inside a container on SUSE (see option below).

Here are some other distributions which will work:

- CentOS Stream 9

- Rocky Linux 9

- Alma Linux 9

- Ubuntu LTS 24.04

- VMware Photon OS 5.0.

- Current AmazonLinux

- Oracle Linux 9

How to find out your glibc version

The easiest way is to check the version via ldd command.

ldd --version

ldd (GNU libc) 2.34

Copyright (C) 2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO


Written by Roland McGrath and Ulrich Drepper.

Domino on Docker/Podman/K8s

In case you are running Docker the image provides glibc support. Only the kernel is coming from Linux host.
The HCL image is build on top of the RHEL UBI image version 9.1 corresponding to the RHEL 9.1 version.

The community image will switch to CentOS Stream 9 for the new container image. But it will also support other base images with glibc 2.34+ support.

This is just a starting point. You should really join the EAP forum for more details coming soon.


1Lars  27.05.2023 18:41:42  Get prepared for Notes/Domino V14 Early Access Code Drop 1

First bug posted: Notes v14 system requirements state 32-bit Windows...



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