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Daniel Nashed


Get Notes FP Version in @Formulas

Daniel Nashed  12 April 2017 06:19:07
In C-API and Lotus Script, Java developers the version information already shown for each FP.
For example Lotus Script returns the full version string with session.NotesVersion.

But if you want to check the version information in @Formulas @Version will still return 405.

There is a new optional parameter which returns the Feature Pack version.
So you use @Version to check the version and if it is 405 you check @Version(1) which will return 8 for Feature Pack 8.
It is used in the new mail-template and will be updated for every new FP.

@Version(1) returns 0 for older versions (I checked with a Notes 7 client to verify).

-- Daniel


1stuart bogom  12.04.2017 21:34:14  Get Notes FP Version in @Formulas there any available documentation on features/fixes for the new FP8 templates?



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