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Daniel Nashed


Generate QR Codes on your local Linux machine

Daniel Nashed  28 August 2020 20:13:51

A while ago had a blog post about multi factor authentication on Linux.
There are many other places where you can use the TOTP protocol already today.
It's really convenient to use a QR code for setup.

What you should avoid is sending them to any type of website to generate the QR code like Google suggests in their setup (with disclaimers).

Here is a simple but powerful tool running on a text based terminal on Linux.

The two most interesting options are PNG or ANSI256 text.

It's simple to install and to use ..

yum install qrencode

qrencode "" -tANSI256 -o -
qrencode "" -tPNG -o test.png

Image:Generate QR Codes on your local Linux machine
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