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Daniel Nashed


Free Windows workstation backup from Veeam

Daniel Nashed  28 March 2021 15:26:44

Right now I am looking into many different backup solutions to see how they can be best integrated.. Some might already have an idea why ..

Today I looked into the Veeam backup client for Windows. For integration on command-line this doesn't look like a good match so far.
But the same Veeam client used on servers does not only runs against their server, but also stand-alone for example with USB drives.
And the best is, that it is free!  Have a look -->
I was looking for a new local backup solution for my notebook for a while..  Acronis backup became almost unusable in their last releases.

So I used local SSD attached to my notebook and took a full backup.
Afterwards I took another delta backup, which was done in just 5 min.

The backup is de-duplicated and compressed and freaking fast!  It took 53 minutes for the whole notebook with a quite full 1 TB disk.
This is the best solution for Windows I am aware of. And it is free using enterprise backup software from one of the leading companies!

See pictures from my first run and the incremental run.

This is really cool! And this might be also a good solution for friends & family :-)

Image:Free Windows workstation backup from Veeam

Image:Free Windows workstation backup from Veeam

1zafer  29.03.2021 8:33:14  Free Windows workstation backup from Veeam

Thx Daniel, looks very good so far!

2Uwe  30.03.2021 11:03:08  Free Windows workstation backup from Veeam

I last tested the tool a year ago and it could not write to various SATA HDD in USB 3.0 cases as a backup device.

After a few minutes it aborted with Write Error.

But maybe it works better with the current version ;)

3Lars Berntrop-Bos  30.03.2021 19:21:39  Free Windows workstation backup from Veeam

I thought so too. The speed is addictive.

Until it turned out a file which was fine when the backup was made, after a while tripped an alert in Windows Defender. This fault invalidated 5 months of backup, which invalidated my enthousiasm. I tried contacting Veeam support, but they could not help me.

Since then I am a Retrospect customer, since a backup which invalidates itself after the fact cannot be depended upon.

I still use it, only for short term migrations, such as backup a computer and then restore it to a new drive or computer.

It is an amazing product, but please be careful. It hurt extra because I really liked the Veeam product, it could really do with something where you can recover from partially corrupt backups.



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