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Daniel Nashed

Fix Available: SMTP regression issue in Domino 9.0.1 FP9 can cause malformed headers

Daniel Nashed – 16 September 2017 22:43:31
Finally we got IF1 for 9.0.1 FP9 for the issue I reported in an earlier blog post
The regression was introduced by a fix that IBM has removed in IF1 (and I got a hotfix earlier as mentioned in an earlier blog post).

The root cause is an issue with malformed headers  -- specially the from header that are generated at message itemization.

Depending on your configuration this causes garbage chars in your headers. In any case some functionality like SMTPVerifyAuthenticatedSender=1 or capturing mail for certain recipients via SMTPSaveImportErrors=3 and SMTPSaveFileFrom=sender  did not work any more.

This is not the final fix. IBM is working on resolving the regression. So this fix along with another agent bug fix is really just a quick fix to allow you to deploy FP9.

I installed the fix on my Linux64 machine which shows up as 9.0.1 FP9 HF 63 and it resolves the regression.

See details here:

IF1 contains the two fixes:

        Domino agents crash in the backend in FP8 with a memory overwrite        

        SMTP regression issue in Domino 9.0.1FP9 can cause malformed headers & prevent Internet mail delivery with SMTPVerifyAuthenticatedSender=1 (technote 2008327)        


1Radovan Tvrdy  20.09.2017 8:38:00  Fix Available: SMTP regression issue in Domino 9.0.1 FP9 can cause malformed headers

Hi Daniel, we are facing the problem on our Domino servers but have none of those mentioned parameters within notes.ini

Coud it be SMTPTranslateAddresses=2 having the same symptoms?

Additionally do I understand correctly that this IF can be installed only on servers having SMTP task enabled in order to get rid of the problem with malformed headers?

2Daniel Nashed  20.09.2017 15:54:04  Fix Available: SMTP regression issue in Domino 9.0.1 FP9 can cause malformed headers

@Radovan, the issue does not have anything to do with the notes.ini parameter.

The root cause is a malformed header that is written on itemization.

That the parameters are not working is a side-effect. That does not trigger the issue.

Depending on your configuration (how mails are converted) you might not see the issue.

But in any case the heades like "from" have garbage chars at the beginning of the string.

You can install IF1 on any FP9 server. It contains the two SPRs mentioned in the blog post.

-- Daniel



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